Kokoso magic

IMG_20160721_202114As a mummy to a daughter who has several allergies I have to be very conscious of what products we use on her skin. From the word go, Florence has had eczema, so we have to be super aware of any ingredients that could be a possible trigger for a flare up.

We have had countless creams and ointments from the GP and none have ever really worked, like REALLY worked. Yes, for the most past they have been an emollient, moisturising and helping with the dryness but it has never felt that they have truly given her the relief and a true solution that she needed. As the weather started to heat up and hay fever started to raise its annoying unwanted presence, much like a wasp at a picnic, we needed something more than a cream. Scratching in her sleep was starting to wake her up and her eczema was starting to really irritate her especially as we love a good run around on the field.

I am a great lover of natural products, don’t get me wrong if something works and it’s man made then brill but especially when it comes to your little ones, in my experience it’s best to keep it as pure and simple as you can.

Kokoso baby coconut oil is a really new product, and when I received this little tub of coconut lushness I immediately started to use it on Florence after her baths. She loves joining in with everything, and as soon as I opened the tub she stuck her little nose in the tub, took the biggest inhalation and proclaimed “mmmmm mummy it smells lovely” so I asked her what it smelled like “it smells like tow-townuts and sweeties mummy” and she is right…. it smells like a sweet, freshly cracked coconut and how lovely is it that you can smush all of that beautifulness onto your skin?


If its kept cool, then it is a solid product which softly melts on contact with your skin. It melts into the driest of skin and soothes irritated and sore skin. Once you have tried this I promise you will never buy any other product for your baby’s skin again.

Flo calls it her magic cream. I agree. It’s magic. After 3 days of use, she stopped scratching at night time and after 2 weeks her eczema had cleared up. All cleared up. We still use it every night as she has not had a flare up since we have started to use it.

Then the dreaded chicken pox came. And guess what beautifulness came to the rescue. Yes, the magic cream. We have kept it in the fridge whilst it has been hot weather  (as it does turn to liquid in warm conditions) and used a good lump in her baths and has been so soothing for the itchy scabby stage.

In fact, I have used the whole tub already. Not because it doesn’t last. A little goes a long way, but I have used it for everything! It’s Flo’s magic cream, but I use it to rub a little around mine and her nostrils to help with her hayfever, it’s my lip balm at night time, my hand cream and has been my number 1 bump loving moisturiser. Every single night without fail I use this on my huge bump and I love it!

Thanks Kokoso, you are magical!

Available from boots here. Be quick it’s on offer for £6!

I’m off to stock up!

Much love,

Sammi-Jo xx



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